Five Acts To Watch with Jon Buckett

As it’s now three weeks until the live music starts at this year’s Swindon Shuffle we thought you may want some help in deciding who to watch.

To do this we have spoken with some people in Swindon who are in the know to find out who are the five acts they are looking to catch during the festival.

Up first is Jon Buckett, a freelance producer and musician. Jon is also a partner in Earthworm Amber Recording, a well respected recording studio based in Swindon that has a proven track record with musicians, record labels, television, radio and theatre clients (you can find out more at And when he’s not on stage or behind the sound desk, he can be found passing on his vast musical knowledge to the next generation as a lecturer at the Academy of Music & Sound.

Jon will also be playing as part of Kid Calico & The Astral Ponies on the Sunday evening at The Beehive.

So Jon’s Five Acts To Watch are, in no particular order….



Saturday – The Beehive – 22:15

I’m not very familiar with this band who’s name one enters into Google very carefully. I happened to see them once recently, bizarrely realising half way through their set that at breakfast that morning I’d found their card in my pocket with no recollection how it had arrived there. The fear that i’d entered a forgotten parallel world of jazz and depravity the previous evening blissfully subsided. More importantly however, they’re really very good. SexJazz are a band of excellent musicians who tastefully use a little modern technology to enhance a full and powerful sound without needing to be loud….and that takes great arrangements delivered with skill and musicality. It’s heart is a classic 3 piece line up of drums, bass, and guitar but musical touchstones vary widely. Whatever you like, there’s a good chance you’ll like this band.


Erin Bardwell

Saturday – The Victoria – 22:00

I’m a fan of late 60s / early 70s Trojan / Studio One Records. So when we’re blessed with one of the UK’s finest live proponents of Reggae and Rock Steady based here in Swindon, I’ll always try to catch their show. In their 13 or so year history, this hard working band have chalked up 10 record releases and numerous BBC national radio airplays and live sessions… and for good reason in my humble opinion.


Tamsin Quin

Sunday – The Beehive – 16:30

I like a unique voice, and Tamsin’s is a wistful evening wrapped in warm velvet. Whether telling tales of hope, regret, strength, love or anything else, you’ll always feel something from a Tasmin Quin gig. Somehow she reminds me of Willie Nelson, perhaps because there’s an easy charm to her melodies and songs, and they sit as easily in pop as they do in folk or country blues. You’d be “crazy” to miss her….


Black Sheep Apprentice

Sunday – The Beehive – 18:45

With the possible exception of Lee Moulding, this band has probably the most handsome drummer this side of South America. BSA are a band of fine gentlemen who deliver a live set that if it were a film, would be a psychological thriller….not always comfortable, but always rewarding. Expect songs that owe as much to Sergio Leone as they do to Johnny Cash, delivered with a true and honest voice. Given a recent line up change, exactly how they will appear at the shuffle is all part of the unfolding saga.


Diagonal People

Friday – The Victoria – 22:45

I still get very excited when a new wave of talented youngsters appear in the music venues of my home town. The collective of Diagonal People bring the spirit of a Zappa-esq jazz music and combine it with performance theatre and original film making in such a way that it injects a healthy dose of fresh ideas that one is certain will flow through the veins of Swindon’s arts for the years to come. They do something different every time I see them and thankfully it’s not always something I can fully identify with. Can I guarantee you’ll like it? Not at all, but I can guarantee you’ll see nothing else like it.