Five To Watch with David Rose

David Rose is a familiar sight at gigs up and down the country, and particularly in Swindon, in his regular stage left position, throwing himself into the music with a vigour that belies the length of time he has been passionately supporting live music.  David is a veteran of well over 1,000 live shows, all of which have been artfully documented in his fantastic gig diaries blog (

All of which makes him well qualified to tell us about his picks of this year’s Shuffle line-up, so here’s his Five To Watch…



Friday – The Castle – 21:30

My favourite Swindon band and one of my favourite bands period.  With Raze*Rebuild you get stellar anthemic blue-collar rock of the Springsteen / Gaslight Anthem persuasion, and a passionate strident vocal delivery from strong-armed mainman Simon Hall.  A hard-rocking, bruising and visceral “live” experience; I’ll see you down the front!


My Social Decline

Friday – The Castle – 19:15

A relatively new name but veterans of other local bands (e.g. Blueprint), this lot deal in scuzzy, riff-heavy proto punk which evokes beer-soaked 1970s NYC rock dives such as Max’s Kansas City and CBGBs.  Still finding their feet “live” but doing so with a swagger; if Iggy Pop were hitting The Shuffle, the first band he’d check out would be My Social Decline…



Saturday – The Tuppenny – 17:15

Copiously talented Renaissance man Steve Skinley takes time out of his Vaudeville projects and excellent, National-esque band Familiars to play a set under his pseudonym Moleville.  Expect slow-burn, mournful yet hopeful dark elegiac electronica-tinged songs delivered in Steve’s rich, haunting and evocative vocal style.


The Shudders

Sunday – The Beehive – 20:15

Shuffle veterans, this lot have evolved from their “pirate folk roots” into a classy Americana outfit, delivering on the one hand upbeat Posies-ish powerpop with occasional Replacements like proto-blues rock licks, and on the other more expansive, laid-back 70’s LA Laurel Canyon mood music, almost reminiscent of Buffalo Springfield or even The Eagles.


Nick Parker

Saturday – The Beehive – 20:45

A very welcome late addition, Nick augments his acoustic shenanigans with wry and witty observational lyricism which brings to mind the likes of Dury, Costello and Difford / Tilbrook, and an engaging and inclusive persona, compelling the audience to get involved.  Lovely bloke too!