Kid Calico & the Astral Ponies to close the festival

The final set of the whole event, traditionally at The Beehive on Sunday evening, has become legendary over the years and generally descends into chaos and a small amount of debauchery. The Shudders have made this slot their own over the last couple of years (Andy even refurbed the whole pub after the first one of these), but this year we are super happy to present the excellent Kid Calico & The Astral Ponies as our wrap band.

We love the gentle eccentricity of these guys, they are a band that could only happen in this country. Despite playing music that has a lot of influence from over the pond, there is something very English about them. In fact, it is so hard to pigeon hole this band that they have had to create a whole bunch of genres themselves to explain, so try these for size: Anglicana, Music hall, Circus music, Urban Celtic, Psychedelicatessan, Allotment Rock, Biscuit stomp. That should give you an idea of what is in store. Whatever it is though, you will certainly find yourself wanting to strut your stuff and dunk biscuits in tea. 

For more explanation please visit the band’s Facebook page at