(2016) Saturday @ The Castle

The Castle’s last session in this years proceedings is something a bit special, a showcase, which wanders between different rock sub-genres, adds a sprinkling of eclecticism and has a hell of a lot to offer.

A Way With Words, a band who have certainly achieved a lot in the short time they have been together headline and they represent a straighter brand of alt-rock, big, melodic, infectious, although recent additions to the set are taking them in dark directions apparently. Interesting.

If American desert rock is your thing then Rewire The Time Machine offer raw power, sand blasted swirling sounds and absolute dexterity, Wiltshire’s answer to Kyuss? Quite possibly.

The Harlers are a 2-piece blues band and recent performances we have witnessed have shown them to not only be really hitting their stride but also capturing a much bigger sound. Careful if you go down to the front of the gig, this could take your head clean off.

Horizon is one of the few bands playing this year that haven’t already crossed our path but a quick blast of their e.p. puts them squarely in the young, modern, indie bracket with maybe just an unintentional nod to darker post-punk references. Nice.

On the other hand, opening the session is a band we know very well. The King In Mirrors wear their post-punk credentials openly on their sleeves, as indeed they should. There is a reason that they are named after a Go Betweens song.

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