Scene and Heard: Your Love – The Harlers


From the outside, it may seem to many that the blues genre simply treads water these days trading on former glories and musical echoes of the past. Think of the stereotype guy with a guitar pouring his very soul into the notes he’s playing and you are probably thinking of artists long gone from this world. Even the ferocious re-inventions as blues went electric seem a distant event to today’s aficionados.

And that is why young bands on the blues scene are so important, bands such as The Harlers. These are the bands keeping the genre alive, carrying the torch and running with it into a bright future.

Mixing feral electric vibes with understated eloquence and soulful grooves, Your Love, shows you that it isn’t always about flash and trickery, though anyone who knows the band is aware that they are capable of that too if they should chose. Here solid, leviathan riffs drive through almost industrial sounding backbeats in a simple yet oh so effective way. Slow and hypnotic, raw and righteous, this is the beating heart of blues rocked up, repackaged and Anglicised and the result is glorious.