splashThe forth year of the festival was held Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 August 2010, although due to the tough economic climate that had resulted from the global financial recession the size of the festival was scaled back to using just The Victoria, 12 Bar, and The Beehive in the town centre. In scaling back the festival the organisers regained the local focus and revisited the ‘underground’ nature of the festival, which was popular with attendees.

The charity partner for 2010 remained as the Goldenhar Family Support Group, with £2,365 raised. 53 acts performed across the weekend.

The acts performing at the festival included Napoleon In Rags, The Dacoits, Billyjon, Matthew Kilford, Buswell & Strings, The Costellos, Old School Tie, and it was also the last ever performance by The Alfonz to a sold out crowd before they split.