Here is some advice for attending the festival:

Families (under 18)

Unfortunately a number of the venues used as stages for the Swindon Shuffle are 18+ so children will not be able to attend these stages, however this year the Saturday and Sunday afternoon stages at The Tuppenny will be welcoming all ages.


As all stages at the Swindon Shuffle take place in existing venues in the town you are not allowed to bring your own drinks to festival events, however every venue has a bar or refreshments counter available selling drinks and snacks.  Also, when drinking alcohol please know your limits, and those of your friends, as drunk people can ruin everyone else’s fun.  If you are concerned that someone requires assistance due to excessive drinking please speak to a member of venue staff who can assist.  If you are staying in a venue for any length of time we would also suggest drinking water at points as even in cold weather crowded venues can get very hot.


Drugs are no less illegal at the Swindon Shuffle than anywhere else in society and dealing in or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated at the festival.  Anyone found to be using or selling illegal drugs in any of the venues will be evicted and may even be treated to a free ride in a police car.


Prolonged or excessive exposure to loud music can cause damage to your hearing, so please remember to give your ears a break when watching live music and / or wear suitable earplugs.

Personal Safety & Crime

While there have been minimal incidents in previous years and venue owners will have all their normal safety and security provisions in place, the Swindon Shuffle cannot make it absolutely 100% safe (much in the same way that venues can’t at any other gigs held throughout the year), so please take care when attending, both of yourselves and others around you.  Please report any unsociable or criminal behaviour you observe to venue staff who will deal with it, as we do not want an inconsiderate minority ruining the festival experience for the majority.  Also make sure you keep track of your personal possessions while attending the festival, however if you do lose anything then check with venue staff as it may have been handed to them.