Renegade Brewery

Renegade Website AdHeadline partner this year is local craft brewer Renegade Brewery. Big fans of live music these guys have supported all sorts of musical events over the last couple of years and hold their own Oktoberfest style beer and music festival in September. They are also the official beer of our good friends at Fieldview Festival.

Renegade Brewery was wrestled into being from the beer-crazed minds of the crack team at West Berkshire Brewery. who wanted to  create some contemporary, bold craft brews without confusing the large and loyal fan base that their traditional cask ales have. The result, as the name suggests, is a brewery that doesn’t want to conform, that refuses to believe if they have always done it one way, then it must be the right way.

Taking a lead from American beer culture, Renegade brews are hop-heavy but easy drinking, rammed with flavour but refreshing as hell. If you want to experience the taste in Swindon, head to Shuffle venues The Victoria where Craft Lager is on tap, or The Tuppenny, who run Craft Lager and the tasty West Coast Pale Ale on tap.

So go ahead, join us in unleashing the Renegade spirit and grab a beer! More on Renegade to be found on their website at