Richard Davies & the Dissidents

Richard Davies has timed things perfectly. He has gathered a great bunch of musicians around him, he has the songs and he has made the album that we always knew that he had in him. It was certainly worth the wait.

You only have to listen to his previous work, The Snakes, in particular, to get an understanding of where he’s coming from. In that body of work the great and the good of the sleazier end of rock ’n’ roll spring to mind, from such players as Keef and Thunders, from bands such as Hanoi Rocks and Tom Petty. It’s a familiar path but of course, the art of walking it is to tip your hat to the past but to stride confidently into the future, to mix familiarity with freshness. Richard Davies and The Dissidents manage to tick all of those boxes.

If you understand the connection between blues, the 60’s bands who electrified it, both literally and metaphorically, the origins of punk, especially the New York end of things, and why those sounds refuse to go away, then Human Traffic is going to be exactly your cup of Java, probably one laced with a secretive nip of Bourbon for good measure.

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Playing at:

Playing when:

The Castle

Friday 10 September

9:15 pm