Richard Wileman & The Amy Fry Experience

Between the two of them, these musicians cover a lot of ground, but that is the difference between composing and arranging, and merely song-writing, I guess. There is an ornateness to the music, a real depth to the rich textures that they splice together and a wonderful uniqueness to the overall feeling, even given the not inconsiderable back catalogue of music Richard Wileman has which skirts around the same sonic territories.

Karda Estra may have been the Richard Wileman music you went for when you wanted to revel in baroque soundscapes and exquisite orchestral arrangements.

It turns out that with only a slight change of approach Arcane is not only a fantastic album, but it is the Richard Wileman, and of course Amy Fry, that you get when you want to experience such music in the live setting.

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Playing at:

Playing when:

The Tuppenny

Saturday 11 September

3:15 pm