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Having opened in 2014, Baila was one of the early entrants into Swindon’s small bar culture serving exquisite coffee by day and then craft beer, spirits and cocktails by weekend evenings.

Uniquely modelled, it has more a feeling of a hidden gem you’d find in major
global capitals, like London, Berlin or New York, rather than a bar in Swindon.

Baila has been involved in the local music community and the Shuffle since it first opened, and in recent year’s on the festival it has become the place to party to some brilliant DJs playing great songs after the live music is dying down for another night. Or if you’re lucky you may even find a more impromptu jam session going on!

Baila 3_edited.jpg


85 Victoria Rd, Swindon SN1 3BB




Baristocats is an independent family run coffee lounge, juice bar and sandwich bar in the heart of Swindon, who are also big supporters of the local arts and music scene.


115 Commercial Road, Swindon SN1 5PL



The Castle is one of the most friendly pubs in Swindon, from the locals to the staff, you always receive a warm welcome and with a wide choice of live music there is something for everyone here.


28 Prospect Place, Swindon SN1 3LQ




Beehive 1 PJ_edited.jpg

The Beehive is probably one of the oldest pubs in Swindon and therefore has a unique character all of it’s own, with it’s twisting, four level layout and
contemporarily traditional decor, serving a range of craft cask ales, lagers, wines and spirits.

It is also the only venue to have been an ‘ever present’ on the Shuffle, and always a big supporter of the festival, since it started as it has a long history of supporting Swindon’s music and arts community.  Whether thats local, national, and international music acts - from US country to Balkan folk - performing live in front of the (thankfully not lit!) fireplace, to poetry nights, dedicated art exhibition space, and more.

Tucked away behind the new Regents Circus development it could be one of
Swindon’s best kept secrets.


55 Prospect Hill, Swindon SN1 3JS



The Hop originally opened in the early 2010s in a small building (with a bit of a chequered past!) creating a unique, but very friendly small bar serving craft beer and lager - probably one of the first bars in Swindon to do so.

At the time the Shuffle looked at trying to put on some acoustic acts there as part of the festival, however it was just a bit too small to work, but thanks to the huge popularity of The Hop they moved in recent years to a bigger premises a couple of doors down, which was great news as the ambition to include The Hop could finally being realised.

The move also meant they can now offer a far larger selection of rotating craft beers and lagers, so everyone’s a winner! Plus, since they’ve served
approximately 2,500 casks of ale so far in their lifetime, they know a thing or two about great beer.


8 Devizes Rd, Swindon SN1 4BH


The Hop 4_edited.jpg


Tuppenny 4 PJ_edited.jpg

The Tuppenny opened in late 2016 and very quickly established itself as one of the best independent bars in Swindon, with a large range of craft beer, craft spirits, cocktails and wine.

Set in a property that was previously hairdressers, Talk Of The Town, it has a unique and slightly cosy feel with its own quirky decor, up-cycled furniture and even a bar top made with a lot of two pence coins!

They also have a small, but great selection of brilliant hot food due to a
partnership with Yak The Himalayan Kitchen over the road.

The Tuppenny is also a big supporter of both local and national original music in Swindon, normally putting on a few nights every month of stripped back bands and singer-songwriters performing music not found in many other places in Swindon.

The Tuppenny is also the only venue the Shuffle is able to use in Old Town that is laid out to provide good disabled access, being all on one level with dedicated facilities and friendly, helpful staff.



58-59 Devizes Rd, Swindon SN1 4BD


The Victoria has been a stalwart of local live music since the end of the 90s when a change of landlord meant a remodelling and the creation of the dedicated gig venue in the back half of the building. It has also been involved in all but one of the Shuffles to take place, and since only one venue has the clean sweep of being involved every year, this makes The Victoria a veteran venue of the festival.

It has changed hands a few times since the remodelling, but one thing that has never changed is the impressive roster of local, national, and international artists who play there (even including Ed Sheeran!)

The size of the venue, stage and PA system mean this is definitely a place to
check out some of the bigger and louder acts playing this year’s festival.


88 Victoria Rd, Swindon SN1 3BD


Vic 2 PJ_edited.jpg
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